Sunday, March 20, 2011

Why you think it's funny

This just in Space Avalanche is funny as hell.

Eleanor Davis has a blog.

Be on the look out for Nonplayer #1.

Did you miss this sketchbook overload by Nick Edwards?

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This weekend everybody was all looney over the moon being a few tens of thousands of miles closer than usual. I mean it only happens every 20 or so years, so probably the last time it happened I was still reading X-men comic books. In print I mean.

So what did I do this weekend? Read a bunch of X-Men comic books? No, it was Avengers which I never really cared too much for back in the day. But now superhero comics for me are archives of the strange bouts of the subconscious, the socio-political climate, and the insecurities and fantasies of its authors. So it's like Epic Verse, Holy Books, and Mythology and it's right here in the making!

It also rained a whole bunch this weekend.

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Rainy days don't make for productive Sunday Afternoon Noodles. They make for loafing and dreaming about making cookies but not having eggs in the house ergo a deeper conundrum of whether 'tis nobler to suffer the pangs of sorrow of egg-regious misfortune or get up and by getting up commit to doing other things while one is up. There is my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?

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