Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shake the Dust

Earthquakes And Tsunamis. Medical Emergencies. Help Japan. God. You. Me.

I Will Always Love You (Edit) from Ray Fenwick on Vimeo.

I started reading Lackadaisy this weekend. I am overtaken by how amazing Tracy J. Butler is. Here is one of her tutorials about cartoon-acting/facial-emoting. Similary I started Dresden Codak from the beginning and followed a bunch of links.

If you have money leftover after donating to the redcross or the salvation army or whichever charity you deem responsible with your donation to help Japan--go and check out this opportunity to score swag from Evan Dahm for helping support a 2nd printing of Rice Boy.

You could also, if you so please to spend more money, pre-order the upcoming Paper Science 4 full of UK luminary artists such as Adam Cadwell, Luke Pearson, and the ever lovable John Allison.

Not only is James Turner still around, but he's still doing amazing things such as these Cha Cha Chowdhary sketches. I need to pick up Beaver and Steve again.

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