Sunday, March 6, 2011

So I started reading Saint Young Men. It's a little strange and some of the jokes are lost on me, but it's entertaining. Thanks to Natalie Nourigat for bringing it to my attention (via Between the Gears). Emerald City Comic Con was this weekend and I missed it owing to being chained to the Valley of Ash. I'm desperately wanting to leave this place, but where to build a new nest and how?

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I've been recently having dreams about women I'm attracted to but don't know. Well I did actually meet Kina back in Oct. 2009.

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It must be the approaching spring messing with my body chemistry and trying to get my subconscious in a sentimental figure four. Too bad I'm painfully aware of my own skepticism and awkwardness. If I could just be an idiot for a while again I would surrender.

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I created a tumblr: King of the Siams

Here are a few of the tumblr's I now follow:

Ming Doyle

hello, jordyn b.

Roman Muradov
midnite surprise
pancake pancake pancake

I also have some projects I want to get around to starting including another tumblr page, a tribute to Dwayne McDuffie, and a March-themed autobio comic. Wish me luck this month that I get off my lazy donkey and burrow into the fertile soil of my subconscious. Did you see what I did--aww never mind. Peace and Goodwill my friends.

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