Sunday, April 3, 2011

Drawing from a Well of Ideas

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This is my new favorite thing ever. Boulet is just frickin' amazing.

Check out Ed Tadem's portfolio. He's the guy currently on MTV's Splashpage header.

Pizza Island Self Portraits
! Pizza Island Tours Also!

Thank you Scott McCloud for leading me here.

In two days I've realized how long it takes me to parse through all the tweets I missed while at work. It's something like 2 hours. Imagine if I was following more people. Ridiculous.
Trust me.

I'm so happy that Okay Pants is once again available to read.

Sage advice about getting creative
by Austin Kleon.

Warwick Johnson Cadwell
is another of those talented Brits here on the interwebz.

And Brandon Graham blows our minds on this TCJ post. OMG Stumptown is almost here again!

Sorry if everything is so scattered today. I had a great weekend with friends and still had a chance to take a nice Sunday me-day out in the sunshine. I walked out of the library with a pair of painting books, a pair of Lewis Trondheim's Little Nothings GN's, a pair of Margaret Atwood books: Moral Disorder and the Penelopeiad, a pair of DVD's: Fellini's Amarcord, and the Magnolia 2007 collection of Academy Award nominated shors, and a pair of really fun suspense TPB's Nick Fury: Agent of Nothing Secret Warriors, and Paul Pope's Heavy Liquid. This is going to be an exciting week!

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