Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sinuses sore but still smiling on Sunday

Steve Wolfhard's Lifelong Anxieties is a lullaby for my restless life.

I am now a fan of Rob Davis after reading this astute discussion of raw vs. cooked art.

I really enjoy looking through this gallery if only to marvel at Jeff Cruz's steady growth as a color technician.

Speaking of technicians, did you miss this amazing 1 hour drawing by the Dharb himself? I'm a little sad to hear that diary comics are drawing to a close. But I trust that Dharbin's got something good in store for us.

What you say? Axe Cop printed by Darkhorse now?

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I've been reading a lot of Stormwatch lately to see how it all boils up to The Authority, which is one of my favorite superhero books. It seems I missed a lot of good stuff. I similarly started reading the Supreme Power GN which I am thoroughly enjoying. I think this grim and gritty turn in superhero comics is the right fit in an intelligent writer's hands. I guess I would rather have the young tykes be interested in Bone, Amulet, Smile, Flight Explorer, or any one of the brilliant young readers books being put out by alternative comic creators. Kids need mysticism, humor, whimsy, exploration, and light-heartedness. The uber-mensch genre just has so little to offer IMO.

I got thoroughly engrossed in Lewis Trondheim's Little Nothings. Delightful, ephemeral just as the days are. Autobio comics seem to fill the shelves of the collector like bottles of wine, each one more palatable with age and distinct from the other. Tonight I'm watching Amarcord. How's your Sunday shaping up?

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