Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Need A Doctor

I seriously do. I've been itching all over and I still feel all woozy inside like I'm still sick. Also fatigue. Fatigue, dude.

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I bought this album recently:

You can buy it two if you want to be nice and support some people putting in on honest work to make new music. Summertime Magic is my favorite track so far.

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Here's a good tumblr blog by Sarah Sobole
Here's kippery's tumblr too. It's really good and updated often.

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Valerie Lapomme is cute in that nerdy way. Or the reverse.

I watched and read Coraline in their individual entireties this weekend. Both were ridiculously good. And then I listened to this Make Believers podcast. I am continuing to read the Supreme Power miniseries and will soon be jumping into the original Squadron Supreme story. I also started Heavy Liquid and finished the first Little Nothing book. I am a few chapters into Moral Disorder and The Penelopiad. I am extremely itchy and uncomfortable.

I had two Marie Callender's pot pies this weekend. They were delicious. I think I am going to go have some ice cream. I want to scan something I started drawing in my sketchbook but it looks fugly right now.

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