Sunday, April 24, 2011

I am your special Island.

Hames is a guy who makes chiptune music. If you've been paying attention you'd know I love chiptune music. I discovered him through his twitter friend Lexxercise (Andrea Douglas)who was recently tweeting about D&D stuff with Dresdencodak.

Similarly, Kate Beaton's Lois Lane comics were inspired by this Dean Trippe/Daniel Krall Lois Lane story which I discovered after the fact. Do you ever feel like everything important is connected? Oooooooh!

On April 29th, Googlevideo goes off the air and you'll end up missing out on all this fine programming. I know, I know---It's sad to see things fizzle out of existence, and in the current rut of the world economy it seems like more things will go before things get back on an even keel. Or will they ever be back on an even keel? What the heck is a keel anyway?

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I can relate to being this geeky. I can't, however, pretend to be as organized as sexy nerd girl appears to be--bouncing from topic to topic, having fully digested every bit of everything she loves, still finding the time to reinterpret, recycle, or reproduce those things in her steadily updated blogosphere. Instead you get this mash potato and cheesy mac slop I've devoted myself to for the last two and a quarter years. Thanks for staying tuned anyway. You win a prize. It's a drawing. Just drop me a line with an idea you want to see me sketch, and it's yours as soon as you give me an address (any address p.o. boxes are fine too) to send it off to. This offer is limited to the first 5 responders.

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