Sunday, May 1, 2011

Pencil It In

John Allison should have gotten into Marvel Strange Tales with this one. Oh well, at least he was magnificent enough to inspire this excellent fill-in by Lissa Treiman.

Warwick astounds me again with this unfortunately abandoned 2 pager, Blue Lula.

Toronto Comic Arts Festival: Pencil it In from Toronto Comic Arts Festival on Vimeo.

Next weekend I will be at home crying into a jar to remind me to plan for TCAF 2012.

I have been reading: who also makes music. who also does animation. Thanks, of course, for the latter from the former.

I've also put some time into reading Stormwatch v2, The Authority, Supreme Power: Nighthawk, and Batman Hush. I've read a chapter or two of Elantris and Moral Disorder, and have a few left in The Penelopiad.

I also drew things. 1) A journal comic about getting in hot water at work 2) Some practice at drawing women from ref. Figured I had to use these mis-addressed Victoria's Secret Catalogues to good use 3) A drawing I was compelled to do after hearing the news 4) & 5) Warm up sketches
for a dumb comic I want to do about Hordak from the She-Ra cartoon.

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