Sunday, May 8, 2011


130 Posts! Woot!

I caught up with WJC's Gungle. Good stuff. And then I see he and John Allison are contributing to this Nelson Anthology by Rob Davis. Winning!

Meanwhile everybody is enjoying their butts off at TCAF and I am here preparing for next year with a jar of tears.

Mother's Day was also this weekend. I hope you at least called your mother and had a nice conversation with her.

Man! Furry Water looks cool. I've been caught up in something like 10 years of Wildstorm continuity trying to see how Stormwatch leads into the Authority, and also how the other titles ended up. It's laborious, and I realize now I tend to take on these grueling "fun research projects" despite the inherent contradiction.

I also started watching Adventure Time which is the best. No really, the best.

Thanks to Academy of Art Animation Notes for bringing the completion of Rain Town to my attention.

Sometimes I really miss New Jack Swing.

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