Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hope everybody had a great weekend. I took a drive today and just aimlessly wandered--I know, a luxury in today's economy what with gas prices still hovering around $4. I' ve been trying to shake off this malaise that's been on me. It struck me that everything I do is sedate, carefully measured, predictable, uninspiring. I have no problem with prudence, but lately I've been needing an adventure, something spontaneous. I need to jump into an open canyon, spread eagle and divebomb the world. I need to brace my feet, then launch into the air and hit the ground the running. It's who I've always been, and it's what I've been missing for quite a while. It's why I feel like progress has eluded me. I'm not fit to stay in one situation for too long. I've got to ride the wind.

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I've been meaning to comment on the fact that Youtube flipped the format of user video history and likes. It used to be that you could only see your most recently viewed 100 vids, but you could see an endless list of liked videos. Now my viewing history goes back indefinitely, while videos I liked (aka have archived without having added them permanently to my list of favorites) are limited to the last 100. Ugh. This kind of stuff drives an obsessive archivist crazy.

Phil McAndrew tells it like it is.

Thanks to Luc LaTulippe of Drawn! for this one!

Nick Edwards is always is always in good form.

Thanks to Ryan Pequin for having talented friends.

And this one I owe to David Apatoff of Illustration Art, for the heads up on Kent Williams.

Sakimi-chan does some awesome deviations. Her blog is similarly awesome.

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1) Progress pic of my Kippery portrait 2) sketch of Brent Butt I'm having trouble inking 3) sketch of Finch Linden.

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