Sunday, June 5, 2011

Happy Sunday Everybody,

Have you ever thought about letters? Epistles I mean. Writing was, at some point, little more than a way for people to communicate to each other over great distances. Messengers would travel between kingdoms. Prophets would address cities. Biographies would be detailed in the walls of dead kings to warn and educate visitors or robbers. There was always an intended audience is my point. These days, writing is so commonplace, especially journal writing, private writing, that the idea of sending out a message, or having a specific person or persons in mind is all but forgotten.

This weekend it rained, and I watched Into The Wild. The story got me thinking about my own youth and ideals and stories I've read about young men setting out in the spirit of Ralph Waldo Emerson, undoing the shackles of society, purifying themselves of its toxins. When I left for college I actually had a copy of Walden and Civil Obedience with me. I harbored those same fantasies of naturalism. But I think if I ever tried to write a similar story, it would be similar to this film. There are moments of clarity and revelation that occur throughout the life of an adventurer. I'd say more than half of them accompany or immediately follow tragedy. Those lessons are the invaluable spirit of our existence, the one thing worth passing on.

On that note let me share this tremendously poised comic by Ryan Andrews, Our Blood Stained Roof. Brittney Sabo also scored points with the internet for this triumphant message for girls and women. Speaking of messages, this article by Kemari regarding the #yasaves twitter hashtag and the article that inspired it, was eloquently written.

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Heroes Con was this weekend; I hope everybody out there had a blast. Congratulations are in order for Domitille Collardey and Tunde Adebimpe! Summer is nearly in full swing. Have a great week, everybody.

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