Sunday, June 19, 2011

I'm tired and getting old.

Nick Edwards created a tutorial for one of his monstrously large splash pages. And then later in the week Vera Brosgol did a process piece about laying out Anya's Ghost. It was a win-win week for web cartoonists. Oh and did I mention that Jen Wang is doing a drawing every day in June? Also Jordyn Bochon is drawing all June too! This is like a birthday month miracle for me!

I like this Girl with the Skeleton Hand arc of Johnny Wander. Speaking of wandering, I wandered into Marcel O'Leary's blogspot, which was a great surprise.

This past week was surprisingly full for me. My sleep cycle was a bit more normal, and I spent more time on productive things, like moving my office and finally getting around to installing my wireless pci-E card. I also drew a few things. I watched X-men: First Class and Thor, and a few episodes of Inuyasha and Fist of the Northstar. I read a bit of Johnny Wander, some random Dharbin comics, a few of the recent Emitown comics, and discovered The Tiger's Wife via Jen Wang. I also managed to trick myself into getting my car's oil changed.

Besides that it was Father's Day and I am turning 31 next Wednesday. Time to start the week.

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