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Today at the library I picked up Moral Disorder (again) by Margaret Atwood, Little Nothings vol. 3 by Lewis Trondheim, American Virgin: Around the World by Steven T. Seagle and Becky Cloonan, De: Tales by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba, and Lady Chatterly's Lover by D.H. Lawrence. During the drive there I wandered into a thought about peripheral thinking versus unilateral thinking. I now realize there is such a term as multilaterlism which probably has a greater import than what I am trying to express, still it irked me that in school we used the term "marginalized" (i.e. marginalized people, marginalized culture) which to me signified victimhood, rather than an intentional, and willful choice of ideology in contrast to the hegemonic culture. Or in other words, those of us at the margins, are identified by our relation to the mainstream and the dominant. Why can't it be that our ways are about periphery? Why can't we identify ourselves by our self-less consideration of others, in direct opposition to the competitive, monolithic ways of the dominant culture? Would it not be in our best interest to promote and encourage our unorthodox methods of tolerance, acknowledgement, courtesy, mutual respect, and interdependence? It is the dominant culture that breeds a first place(first world)/last place (third-world) way of thinking to give their greed and self-centeredness meaning.

And more toward the development of this ideology, this practical way of living and thinking, does it not create the foundation for a more stable, egalitarian society? If one were to make even the smallest decisions based on the greatest efforts of their peripheral vision, wouldn't we see more positive, considerate, and efficient habits developing in our lives and those around us.

During the drive a vehicle in the right lane driving the same speed as another car approached the end of his lane (it merged left). The driver, neither sped up nor slowed down to avoid collision with the vehicle next to him, nor was the driver in the right of way yielding in the sake of common sense. Luckily the driver in the right of way deferred at the last second, and the car in front of me, realized he would need to leave space in front of him to avoid hitting him when he slowed down. I'm sure the driver in front of me was using his peripheral vision, channeling his forethought to see how things could turn out, and calculated correctly to avoid entangling himself in that collision of egoes.

Okay, enough of that. I think I need a vacation.

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But I've also been thinking about adopting a dog.

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