Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kick In the Pants

Friendly Fires - Hurting (Dezlin Rework) (FREE DOWNLOAD) (HQ) by DEZLIN

Haha I've delightfully procrastinated all day long, learning to play a new song, or rather, struggling through painful dissonance in my attempt to play a new song. Someone once said I sound like I'm playing with bricks. LOL.

I've been reading through the SAN archives once again trying to figure out where all the time went. I can't believe I've actually had things on my to do list for a year! Some of them I've gotten partially through, maybe a few I've actually completed, but others, it would seem to me I had just discovered or acquainted myself with a few months ago. Either I'm getting old and slow, or time is moving too fast.

You should go follow Strong Female Characters the tumblr because it is good. I just discovered what chillwave is. Emmy Cicierega has been doing cool arts lately. Magnolia Porter did this Dark Homer fanfic based on KC Green's fanfic. Also because KC Green oozes awesome I learned about Chris Kuzma's Kung Food, Smears, Multiples, and other Animation Gimmicks, and just now he posted 4th of July Comix.

This weekend was hot, and tomorrow it will be hotter and people will be lighting things on fire. I watched Black Dahlia last night, and tonight I may end up watching John Carpenter's The Thing. OH yeah, KC Greene did this comic. I've got all tomorrow to lay about insulated from the heat. I might watch 30 days of night, and a few tv shows. Probably NCIS. I've been meaning to see what's been going on there. No barbecue for me. Too damn hot.

Here's where I was going to insert some drawings, but I got lazy. Maybe tomorrow. I got time.

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