Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cross It

The Xeric Foundation has announced that May 2012 will be the last set of grants awarded to individual comic creators. Read here for their special announcement and some fond words by Mr. Laird.

I did some more Ziva sketches:

This is based on her early season 7 wounded fox, remorseful characterization. Notice her hair is relaxed even when tied back. The curl in her hair is noticeable, and her eyes are large and doe-like. Notice also that I watch this show as if I know these people in real life and care about their well-being and/or changes in appearance.

I also bought a usb gamepad with which to distract myself while I retrogame. It has already given a 14% boost to my weekend procrastination!

Uploaded by on Jun 15, 2011

In the meantime I am soberingly planning my vacation around the fact that I didn't make the registration deadline for Comic Con (yet another convention missed). Still I will be out and about in San Diego, having fun in relative vicinity to the biggest pop culture event in the universe.

I have finally begun reading De:Tales by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. I feel so late at this, because I can glean from it both the raw joy de vivre of fresh ideas and emotions, and the sophomoric pithy of a newly awoken philospher. It vexingly makes me feel old, jaded, and far from the playing field. That can't be true, can it?

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