Sunday, September 11, 2011


In very sad news, indie comic creator and overall nice guy Dylan Williams passed away this weekend from complications with Cancer.

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Today also marked the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 World Trade Center attacks. All my love and best wishes goes out to the families of those affected. In Bethesda, MD the creme de la creme of small press convened for the annual Small Press Expo. One day I would love to attend, and meet all these luminaries of the indie comic world.

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I've had Chorinho con Bossa Nova in my head since early 2000. It was a free download on the now extinct, and as soon as I heard it, I knew Luiz Simas would stay in my playlist for years to come.

Check out these outstanding photos by Ben Canales!

Lastly here's a page from my sketchbook which I haven't drawn in since June. The Sonic picture is based off a tweet by Ray Frenden concerning Sonic's old age. The other pic (sorry for the neck breaking) is dedicated to Agent Fornell's Season 7 (of NCIS) beard.

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