Sunday, September 4, 2011

Where are we when the twilight comes

I read Midnight Nation and watched Snake Eyes this weekend. They were both about a guy saving a girl, and finding his soul amongst the chaos and corruption in his life. I wonder if that was a secret message the universe was sending me.

I also read this excellent newpaper comic primer that I found to be very informing, as well as nostalgic. It reminds me to bring up Stripped, an excellent documentary about news print comics and their future. It also makes me want to go out and buy like a billion collections of strips I love, or am very interested in reading. I read a little bit of Alley Oop, and a few samples of Gasoline Alley from the Walt and Skeezix collections. I really wish I could get The Complete Peanuts set into my personal library. Reading about all these great cartoonists and their life's work really gets my gears greased.

I feel like I'm on a vision quest right now, or that I'm somewhere lost in the middle of one I started many years ago. I keep thinking about where I'm leading myself, who I'll walk the rest of the road with, or what I'll give up to gain greater purpose. Everything I do, right now, everything I stick my nose into begs the question and I feel like time is ticking.

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