Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Lamentation

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Well I didn't go blow the bank at the Black Friday sales this year. Not that anybody would expect me to. I did splurge on a $10 pair of earbuds ($5 as soon as my discount comes back to me as a refund) and 2 sticks of memory for $30. That's about as materialistic as I got this week. I was so down on myself, and in general, anxiety-stricken about going outside I camped out at home all weekend. It made for a neurotic weekend. I've been Roman Muradov's tweets. I guess he and I are on the same wavelength.

I watched Conan (2011), The Big Lebowski, Willard (2003), The True Story of Troy and an episode of Pete and Pete this past week. I read a few pages of Ross Campbell's Shadow Eyes, and listened to most of Episode 6 of Boy Howdy. I went and got Son of Rambow after looking into Hugo, and also recently acquired the works of Milo Manara, The Savage Sword of Conan, and G.I. Joe the Rise of Cobra.

I learned about a bunch of cool BBC2 tv shows from this Dean Trippe poster. Now I want to watch Luther, Sherlock, and Being Human, as well as catching up on Doctor Who and The Misfits.

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What Not is a good blog to start following. Ghibli Feast is a delicous flickr to start following. Artist Spaces: Where They Draw is an exciting tumblr to start following. Here is good arts also by Coleman Engle.

I did these sketches while watching Conan; I just worked up the colored bit in Sai before posting this. Maybe I'll see this one through. I started doing some research based on the concept of "premature sense of accomplishment". I am trying to investigate the correlation with the premature sense of defeat, and the roles they play in motivation. I wonder sometimes why I can finish menial tasks with a strong sense of discipline, yet struggle to apply the same sense of perseverance to more important, more complex tasks. That will pretty much be on my mind this week.

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