Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good night

My favorite collaborative tumblr sites:

Draw This Dress
Oooh Girl
The Exquisite Beast

Some of my favorite, most inspiring online artist people:

Annie Wu
Frank Stockton
Daniel Krall
Jillian Tamaki
Tomer Hanuka
James Jean
Emmy Cicierega
Aaron Diaz
Lexxy Douglass
Anthony Clark
Nick Edwards
John Allison
Warwick Johnson Cadwell
Ryan Andrews

These are people I admire not only for the aesthetic quality of their work, but also for their imagination, insight, productivity, and unyielding pursuit of freshness.

RIP Ronald Searle
. I hardly knew ye.

The first week of the year shot past me like an arrow. I was trying to hold onto that beginning of the year zeal, but I think I might have dropped it on the ground at some point. So I'm shuffling awkwardly after a few missteps. I watched a bunch of Adventure Time this weekend, and was completely avalanched by the reposts of Bookspaperscissors. And now I'm reading THB and it's late. Good night!

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