Sunday, January 29, 2012


So I've been thinking about taking a new direction with my blogging habits. SAN started out over 3 years ago as a way for me to get my noggin back into creative gear, and I think I've been pretty successful at that. I always meant to grow into something other at some point, and I'm seriously considering a separate, art-based blog. It might update on Mondays (MAN?)

I would love to actually get a comic rolling, but I'm still a little nervous about announcing an update schedule and not being able to cut it. I have to face it, I need to go through some remedial storytelling classes before I can actually even think of beginning a story. At the same time maybe I need to hone my fiction writing skills.

Monster Pulse by Magnolia Pearl Porter is a little like Pokemon, a little like Orphan Annie, and a little like Avatar: The Last Airbender. Maybe a little like A Distant Soil too.

I just bought š! #9 after learning that it won an award at Angoulême this weekend. I thank Lewis Trondheim that I am even aware of Angoulême International Comics Festival .

This seems like a great place to start reading: Jessica McLeod.

I almost forgot I bought Shutterbug Follies this past week. It should get here some time this week. The state of the union address was given this week. Also I got a haircut. I also tried to watch the Golden Globes. And then I heard Mike Holmes did this interview on Where Monster's Dwell, which I learned is the longest running comics radio broadcast. I watched an episode of Alcatraz by accident. Also some guy conjectured about Ice Cube's good day.

I started reading Friends with Boys again. And then I got sidetracked investigating a reference to Demonology 101.

So other than a few productive things I did on Saturday, this is how my weekend feels.

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