Sunday, March 4, 2012

Twilight, I only meant to stay a while.

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Ryan Andrews is doing pixel portraits of Star Wars characters. This weekend we lost the great Ralph McQuarrie. RIP, good sir.

You need to read Boulet's Darkness. It is probably the best, inadvertant criticism of Twilight. Ever.

As you can see below, I sketched some Gustavo Frings. They were a gift to Kinokofry who has lost all interest in Breaking Bad since the departure of our favorite hermano de los pollos hermanos.

This week shot by in a flash. I spent Friday helping a friend move, and learned about a very unfortunate falling out with some close friends. This weekend I also a took a walk, drank some beer, and perfected a steak. Tomorrow, after some chores, I should be in full swing of a serious drawing mojo. That is what I predict.

I will be reading: Taj and Amal, Klive, and a host of library books including B.P.R.D., Short Comings by Adrian Tomine, Metal Gear Solid Omnibus, The First Man by Albert Camus, and Interviews with Akira Kurosawa ed. by Bert Cardullo. It's gonna be a great week.

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