Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Illustrious Career

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Rest in peace Jean Giraud "Moebius". You are now and forever one of the greatest champions of art I will ever know.

Please read this heart-warming story by Coleman Engle which features the Zelda series. Then look at Joe Lambert's sketchbook. Then look at Ryan Andrew's sketchbook. Then cry. Here's mine.

stereo skifcha from xgabberx on Vimeo.

This weekend I tried to read a little Metal Gear Omnibus. I read Last of the Greats in it's entirety, and thought it wasn't so great after all. And I watched a pretty funny episode of Psych. It was an altogether unproductive weekend, as I didn't draw much, write much, and barely got outside. I don't know why I'm acting so depressed lately. I know there are money things . . . That shouldn't really be a deterrent to just going outside and getting some sun, though.

I've noticed some really pretty landscapes lately, and I want to get into the habit of sketching enviromments in perspective, and being able to drop characters into scenes. That's a major weakness in my art. I also want to get some practice fine tuning my use of color. I was pricing copics and shinhan markers this weekend, but they are way out of my price range. Maybe that's just the universe's way of telling me I need to start using my watercolors. While I'm at it, why not use my acrylics, and my crowquill? I wish my brain wasn't so boggled all the time. If I could just realize I have all the tools I need to at least start practicing my art----I would----I would, well, just finally be working.

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