Sunday, March 18, 2012

Epic Journey and New Avatar

Pilote Tout en Haut du Monde / Longway North from Sacrebleu Productions on Vimeo.

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I know I had heard of Drawed Goods before, but this week I finally took notice. Ricken is an interesting artist Yes, Cattish!

I started watching Portlandia season 2. I also started reading Boldly Gone. School of World is funny. There is also something I watched which I probably shouldn't mention, but I have to say it is and will be worth the wait. I can't believe it's been 4 years since I was truly introduced to this story world, and I still love every bit of it!

brent butt executionerI started drawing a couple of things. Most obvious is my new twitter icon. The next thing is an old sketch of Brent of Corner Gas in what I imagine a Mack Bolan paperback cover might look like. Next is more of a composite sketch of an anime I watched back in the mid-nineties which I spent part of this past week trying to uncover. I've been at this investigation for 3 years and still haven't found it. Email or DM me if you want to take a crack at it. And last is an impromptu sketch of Lexxy Douglass in zombie makeup. She really is a cutie.

I am hoping to get a lot of stuff done this week and just get home early and relax and draw. The spring is finally bringing some good sun out, and I want to take advantage of the peace and daylight. I have a new desk set-up by my patio, and even improvised a lightbox using the glass tabletop. It is high time I start producing some quality and substantial work. Will need to make some time to just write.

I may even go parsing through my old work and try to get some ideas from grade school finally off the ground.
can't remember this animezombie lexy

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