Sunday, July 29, 2012

This week I downloaded a bunch of Akazukin Chacha, Motorcity, Gravity Falls, and Moomins and the Comet Chase.  I owe interest in the latter to a sketch of Snufkin by Lamar Abrams.  It was Emmy C's birthday on Tuesday and I drew this.  I also got to see her do a livestram of a Bravest Warriors piece.
emmy birthday
I also started reading Dr. McNinja again and finished An Army of One.  Before that I caught up with My Cardboard Life and read the latest pages in Recyclost.

I'm realizing I've got to get a lot more proactive about finishing things I've started.  I've had this problem all my life, a paralyzing indecisiveness and self-consuming greed to experience an increasingly growing list of things in a continously shrinking amount of time.  Most of all I need to be productive if I'm ever going to get out of this artistic slump.  I want to create.  I want to eke out a living doing this also.  I know the odds of doing so are ridiculous, but I have to keep trying because it's what I've wanted all my life and I'm not sure I can do anything else with myself.

Benoit Therriault
Kalman Adrasofszky
Bee and Puppycat!

This was the week of the Summer Olympics in London, Otakon, crushes on Samantha Wright, the ESPN body issue, and my Shrödinger's cat lottery ticket.  Ryan Andrews was running a kickstarter for Nothing is Forgotten.  I started following Himanshu Suri, and I sat in on livestreams by Emmy, Lindsay and Alex, Madeleine Flores, and Jordie Bellaire.  OOH Rebecca Dart shared this trailer for Ghibli's Giant God Warrior!  Also Terry Gilliam archives via his daughter, Holly.

CosmoKids from David Maingault on Vimeo.

I'm really enjoying Gravity Falls.  It's hilarious!  I slept-watched Akazukin Chacha and caught a glimpse of what happens a quarter of the way into the series.   I also am attempting to give Blue Exorcist a try on the recommendation of a good friend.  I would also like to finally read Dracula Unconquered #1 this weekend in preparation for #2 which was just came out!!

I found out about Guin Saga through Evan Dahm, and agonized over catching up with a gajillion different new release comics.  I walked through my LCS this week and was overwhelmed. I picked up more Regular Show as well as Flapjack this weekend.

I have been interacting with people I really like on twitter and tumblr and maybe soon I will officially be people's art bro.  Now to actually put out some good art that isn't a bunch of bullshit.

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