Sunday, July 22, 2012

Out Of Step Roll to the Samba

Ugh 3 posts this week in queue.  I am falling behind in July.  I blame the economy.

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I am presently enamored with Out of Step Arts, on the fence about sitting down to watch the Wilco documentary, becoming frustrated at my lazy attempt to recall a rock song I heard in 2001(?) with quasi-racist, orientalist lyrics, and needing to finish two Hellboy GN's before they are due this afternoon.

This week the tragedy at Aurora, CO marred the box office debut of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.  I'd like to go see it, but I'm pretty budget poor.  One day my budget will be unlimited and I will pay for other people to go see movies.  I will be a very nice rich dude with lots of love to give.  I will probably help put up orphanages and build hospitals and other important infrastructure things to benefit underdeveloped communities.  Basically being rich will help me be a good person and finally be of use to society.

Early this week I had scanner problems, which haven't really been solved.  I just found a workaround.  I haven't really been drawing that much really.  I've doodled a few things at work, a few things at home.  My sketchbooks are really lonely, and I don't have any of my projects in current development.  I just keep getting more ideas of things I want to do, but I'm having trouble staying psyched about them.

Marian Churchland is a bad mama jammaSo is James StokoeArtem Krepkij caught a bit of attention this past week for this elegant body of work.  I just found out about the Total Recall remake.  I hope it doesn't turn into a forgettable experience.  Check this out Rrrrrroll!  Bryan O' Malley brought up The Tribe while talking about Envy Adams' hair.  So now, of course, I have to add The Tribe to an overwhelming cue of things I must see before I leave this mortal plane.

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 Here is a Tom Strong fan art. Here is also a character I created called Turbo Ninja. He is a nemesis for Dr. McNinja.

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