Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Kingdom for my Youth

Couple of late posts.  Feeling so overwhelmed lately.  This was the weekend of San Diego Comic Con, so it felt especially depressing, but I've kept the whimpering to a minimum.

Okay I just got back from swimming with my friend and his family.  That was refreshing.

Early this past week I saw this Sailor Batgirl by Corey Lewis get covered.  I followed that to this Justice League of Japan art by Cliff Chiang from a while back.  And then I had the bright idea for a few of my own weird superhero twists, but mums the word until I can commit to drawing them.

Here's a blast from the past by Emmy and Anthony (Laser Pony!).

Speaking of those two the Benign (B9) Kingdom Fall Kickstarter is on.  The season is already funded, so any new donations will only make the editions nicer.  I hope one day to have the money to buy all the hardcovers for however many seasons they end up doing.

I downloaded Little Nemo in Slumberland because I thought I didn't already have it.  I did.  I later did the same thing with Watchmen.  Other things I added to my queue were: DC Showcase: The Return of Black Adam, Justice League: Doom, Fushigi Yuugi, Yu Yu Hakusho, Bakemonogatari, and Denpa Teki na Kanojo.

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  The Higgs Boson was discovered this week.  Daniel Tosh got into a heap of trouble when a blogger wrote about an incident at one of his shows.  I was crushing hard on Danielle Corsetto, and got to see her and Randy at ComfyCon.  I later saw Aaron Diaz, Angela Melick, and Anthony Clarke.  That was tonight actually.  I read a bunch of Girls with Slingshots.  Then I watched a bunch of Community and after today a bunch of The Guild.  Also today I was introduced to K-Rock band The Electric Eels.

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