Sunday, July 8, 2012

Unconquered Emperor and God Particle

It's Sunday so I guess I should begin another post.  No really, I need to put this week into my regular digest and put it behind me.  Today I actually got out, rode my bike deep into the park, but never stopped to sketch or even just settle in the grass and read.  That was partially because I spent 3 hours trying to cook some lunch and there was only so much daylight left.

I also didn't go have a couple of beers by the pool as I had planned, but maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.  Or maybe there are important things I need to do instead.  Oh yeah, I finally crushed all my aluminum cans.  I have to pay a late bill, and figure out what I'm going to do with my car.


I liked these whiteboard sumi-e paintings by Gregory Euclide.  Also this cartoon by Tomas Kucerovsky, Wrong Century.  Chris Sims made me laugh with this Bizarro Back Issue about Serpent Man.  Speaking of which I downloaded Dracula Unconquered by Mr. Sims and Steve Downer.  The preview had me going.

Fourth of July was in the middle of the week, so of course, it was a mitigated disaster.  Roll with the punches as they say.  All week I survived on an unexpectedly tasty, and nutrient dense minestrone.  Even more surprising the Higgs Boson was finally documented.

I spent a fair amount of time watching Akazukin Cha Cha and Yu Yu Hakusho.  I am back in the mid 90's.  Thanks.  This week I also learned about gingerbox and Ernest Borgnine passed away.  I'll have to watch some classics soon like Emperor of the North Pole.

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