Sunday, July 1, 2012

Volare Liberare Cantare

There is another Phoenix anime that I have to see.  Also the Kittenbus shortSkullsquid and The Self-Absorbing man are two new art bros to follow.  Bravest Warriors and Motorcity, and Gravity Falls are shows I should know more about right now, but don't.

I hung out a couple of times with Amb0rg this week watching streams. I got some screentones from Spats, and some brush settings from Lexxy.

This week I rode my bike to work every morning and boy were my legs tired!  No, really.  My legs are tired.

This weekend I read this great article about Legend of Korra Season 1, and decided to do a rewrite.

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Also I drew a little.

I added Das Racist and Cornelius to my playlist.  Music and drawing are helping me hold everything together.  Also I was resourceful with food this week and keep myself from spending any more money.  

I'm wishing and hoping that all this chaos is a sign of change.  Get out of the grind, start making money with artistic endeavors, change my life around?  Sign me up!

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