Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Worst Day

*This post is way late because I had a terrible weekend. It was my birthday Friday and not only was I already dealing with my desktop and my laptop going on the fritz, but I also had to work despite requesting the day off. There were plenty of technical difficulties at work as well, but I made it through only to find out my car had taken a crap too. This time I don't think I can fix it, compounded by the fact that I don't have any extra money after my bills are paid. My buddy bought me beer which was the probably the only good thing about the day. On Saturday, not only did I find out I couldn't make a payment for a bill on weekends, but I got so frustrated I punched and broke my phone. So I cut through all the bullshit and just bought a bike to get to work. I rode it all Sunday up to my buddies' house where I caught some much needed company and R & R. Too bad I bruised my ass on the unforgiving, crotch-killing seat. So I'm poised to ride this evil machine to work in a few short hours at the crack of dawn.

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 I got my Hungry Cereal Mascot mini in the mail.  And then I started reading Dr. McNinja again and realized I had stopped reading it when I started at my current job.  I read Iron Bound, some of BFF, and finally caught up with Nimona (which is freaking great!). And then today I watched Amb0rg stream and drew a Thor along with her.  Oh, I also watched the rest of Korra.  This was the week I started trying to recover my Zune Gems playlists, and when I started paying attention to Kate Leth (kateordie)

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