Sunday, June 17, 2012

This week began with controversy for The Oatmeal and over the silly Catwoman 0 cover. At the time I was agonizing over a trio of badly executed illustrations, including one Scott Pilgrim-Avengers mashup.  Ron Rosenberg's Tomb Raider quotes were stirring up more gender controversy, and someone setup Rachel Ray to sound like a cannibal.

The whole week I was watching streams of Spatsula working on her Avengers piece for animethon, and much inspiration was had.  In the meantime I read the heck out of The Ultimates and started reminiscing about The Authority, and also tried to trace back when I first read one of the Ultimates 2 GN's.  Apparently, it was a long time ago, probably before this blog.

I discovered musicshake because of Puiupo..  And I discovered I wasn't following John Allison on tumblr.  How foolish!  And then I fell asleep one night with my computer on and firefox installed an update that saved over my 3.6 exe.  I fiddled with an old restore point to keep everything in order before just caving in and using the 12.0 exe.  Now things run quite seamlessly, but a lot of neat add-ons are sorely missed.

My favorite lesbian cosplayer couple broke-up earlier in the week and I sympathized for both of them.  Feels.  Someone introduced me to Noxi's art, which is very good.  Somebody linked to Animatrix Second Rennaissance so now I have to mark it in my eternal mental queue of things to find later and watch.  Because Emmy was struggling with painting clouds, I found out about this great cloud painting tutorial.

I followed up on the work of Darryl Ayo and read Little Garden and some newer comics.  I read up about Renae De Liz and Ray Dillon and Womanthology, and her recent health woes.  Did a little perusing through my blog archives and found out my linkbunches are all broken. And then I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out where all those preloaded songs from my Zune went.  So I just went and got all the albums---mostly all of them.  And then on Saturday I slept a lot, watched a bunch of Baman Piderman, Korra, Scrubs, Corner Gas, and Psych.  Then I sketched a little.

So now it's Father's Day Sunday.  I'm taking off in a bit to a barbecue and some lazy, tortured time in the sun.  I'm sure I will have a mix of nausea and fun.

I got back into CrossGame and read all the way through the first book (?).  It was a mix of sweet, mysterious, and tragic.  Adachi sure has this stuff down.  I also began to really appreciate the understated quality of those elegant, acutely rendered, architectural backgrounds so many manga have.  I love that inking technique.  It reminds me of the bird ink drawings of George Miksch Sutton.  At first I was always bothered by how overtly technical those kind of drawings were that they tended not to emphasize a particular flow pattern, or how little high contrast was used to give the eye locuses of visual interest.  However, these days I can appreciate the sublime beauty of creating time and silence in an understated exterior shot.  Or maybe it's that Adachi uses these visuals more competently.

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