Sunday, June 10, 2012

Read 'em and Weep

Second week of June, read 'em and weep.  I don't know what I meant by that.  This was the week of the Venus solar transit, Manny Pacquiao losing a controversial judges decision, that one time I couldn't stop singing Like a Stone.

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This time last year I was following the work of Domitille Collardey and Pizza Island, Andrew of songs to wear pants to, and Ryan Andrews.  I had randomly encountered The Stacks and Kanashimo no Belladonna on veoh.  The year before that I was following Marc Ellerby and Adam Cadwell very closely.  I discovered Esther Lee, and Mare Odomo, and read Jeff Brown's comics for the first time.  I was also making my way through Nedroid's comics and livejournal posts.  I thought it might be enlightening to see my progress of summers over the last few years, so there you go.

This week I sketched a few things in ink, read a lot of Civil War, and watched a bunch of stuff including Ginger Snaps, The Walking Dead, and Legend of Korra.  I also captured this weird glitch on an animated gif drawn by Bryan Lee O' Malley.  He reblogged it and then it got like a gazillion notes.  I spent a lot of the actual weekend sleeping. The week wasn't so bad.  It was the week of E3 so there was that.  I only had to work on Thursday and Friday, and they were terrible just as I expected.  I also voted during the week, had some delicious Hawaiian barbecue, and then tried to copy their round steak marinade, to hideous failure.  But the thing I made wasn't all bad.  I was very poor this week, so that sucked, and I also found out one of my childhood heroes passed on.
Matt Bors comics had me cracking up.  Natasha Allegri added some more awesome Flapjack anime art to her blog.  I kinda dug this Dig Dug comic by J. Torres and Robaato Anime animated gif by Lorenzo Ceccotti. If you go to Scott C.'s tumblr archive and look at his June 2012 posts, you will find an awesome anime week set of posts as well as tribute to Ray Bradbury.

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