Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Sketchy At Best

Dear diary.  Lol.

I took a walk this afternoon and it was super peaceful and quiet.  I like those late afternoons where I mostly hear birds and the shush of leaves and branches shaking in the breeze.  My eyes have lately been drawn to studying figures and doing a sort of mental sketching that I heard somebody talk about earlier today on tumblr.

I had a very productive thought journey about the types of moods conducive for creation, and the type of content I feel inspired to write about.  This particular afternoon I felt inspired to explore a wanderer's narrative, something focused on the study of fine and obscure details, like discrete lines of poetry: a small square of canary yellow sunlight burning on a beige wall just beyond some shrubbery, the rounded roof tiles on the eaves of buildings reminiscent of pagodas, a newly installed set of park benches underneath an overpass.  I remembered a feeling of being drawn to foreign and private spaces;  a secret garden path, a small clearing in a grassy knoll just beyond the highway.  And I was also able to traverse old story ideas and recall their emotional inspiration:  the giddy anticipation of some night time event, the somber desperation of the waning afternoon and the drudgery of the day to day routine, the sudden magic of an uncertain romantic entanglement.  These things, the lifeblood of ideas and stories, and hopes for a life still unwritten.  I've locked these things in my heart for years and struggled to emerge an artist and a craftsmen for having felt these things, and for having discovered the importance and tenderness of these experiences.

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I watched both Hulk movies this weekend. They were terrible in their own separate ways. On one hand the Ang Lee one was interesting for its ambitiousness, but it was hopelessly disjointed and dissatisfying. The other one was more on the nose for the superhero genre, but the characters and performances were wooden and it devolved into a dumb ole slug fest. They both start as vaguely interesting movies. I just don't get why people have had such a hard time making a good Hulk film.

I also started sketching a Migret story but it kinda sucks.  I did some Regular Show sketches that also kinda suck.  Next week I'll show you an ink doodle I started that actually does not suck as much.

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