Sunday, August 12, 2012

The new week began and I had my late friend Joey on my mind.  His viewing and funeral were at the end of the week, and I was vexed as to how I would be able to attend.  It was insanely hot all week.

On Tuesday I dreamed up Eurydice: The Crowned and had to hurry home to do some research.  I discovered how fitting the name was, and the plot and development of the characters situation began to emerge.

I watched Blue Exorcist and this amazing short: Sight.  I also got around to watching The Avengers.

Sight from Sight Systems on Vimeo.
 Yasmin Liang's Victorian Batwoman on Project RooftopKindred spirit John Bolton lover stormanticAtomic Robo #5 with work by Paul Maybury.  I09's list of wonderful and terrible movies never existed is a good read.

Good webcomics

Angie Wang's Teacup Tree

Lauren Zukauskas' Rachel and Penny

James Harvey's Masterplasty

and also here is some great work by Azalea.

I'm addicted to this color matching game.

I read two Dead Boy Detectives GN's, and have dipped into the first Hellboy Library Edition.  I guess I forgot that I already read Hand of Doom.  Tonight I'll have to finish The First Man and Hellboy: Masks and Monsters since they're already late.  Got caught up with Gravity Falls, and looked up the Adventure Time wiki to see how much I've missed.  A lot.  I read the first 4 issues of Defenders.  The first arc is kind of slow and offbeat, but the 4th issue starts feeling akin to Agents of Atlas which I really like.

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