Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Little Light

Yeahhhhhh.  Today I saw ParaNorman!

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I also read the entire first book of Gunnerkrigg Court, which I must confess was a) a much more fluid read in print b) absolutely captivating--so much that I feel a fool for having arrived late to the party. I'm continuing along with Hellboy and just completed Seed of Destruction.

A peek at Bryan Lee O' Malley's Bluenose Type-O teaser for Robot.  Thunderpaw by repoghostPretty art by Goni MontesBrandon B.'s new Grown Up Comic.

I was sad that I had to return The First Man this week because I wasn't nearly done, but it was way overdue.  So then I borrowed a copy of A Happy Death and picked up Gunnerkrigg Court, and Hark A Vagrant.  This week David Seibei turned 30, The Adventure Time: Ootopia show at Gallery Nucleus opened, and ParaNorman hit theaters! Kazu and Amy Kibuishi welcomed baby Sophie into the world, and Amber 'rarebasement" Earnest moved to New Orleans.  People talked about SPX, and I wanted to go, if nothing more than to join the pool party.

It was a short work week for me because I was sick on Friday, and now have to be back to work tomorrow.  I'm also a post behind because I couldn't bring the last post to a satisfactory close.  I hate that.  I know this blog is mostly just a record of my thought process and a summary of the week, but I also feel it has to have some structure and coda.  So when I'm late, it's mostly for that reason.  Okay, hope this week I get some doodles into my notebook, and maybe finish up some of old WIPs.  I'd really like to do some ParaNorman fanart, and actually practice composing some comics.

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