Monday, October 29, 2012

My Idiot Adventure

On Monday I watched the 3rd presidential debate while I worked on my bike's mud guards.  There was a car crash right outside my house; nobody was hurt.  I struggled all day to find some motivation, and :my computer kept turning off.  I read Daredevil vs. Bullseye, and the night before I read Vlad the Impaler, and a big chunk of Cross Game Vol. 2.  My stomach was still bugging me a little bit.  I discovered Louie Chin today and read some parts of Odessa, and it's really good.  I'm a little taken aback that this style looks like the same thing Tara Abbamondi is going for.  I took a look at The Garlicks Indiegogo and Dani Jones' Zombie Bunny.

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I watched the first episode of Photon the Idiot Adventures after seeing some animated gifs of it on tumblr.  It was pretty cute.  I tried to watch an episode of Lloyd in Space along with KC Green, but I wasn't that into it.  I had lamb chops for dinner like 3 nights in a row.

This was the week of the third and final presidential debate, the whale that tried to mimic human voices,  and the week I learned about Malala Yousufzai.

Living Lines is an awesome blog!

I watched The Spirit.  I thought it was just kind of silly.  And then I saw that Frank Miller wrote and directed it and I almost vomitted in my mouth.  I found out about Cyber 7 from Farel Dalrymple and Brandon Graham.  I read a bunch of Multiplex and Girls with Slingshots.

Emily Carroll put me up on this I09 Article on 7 scary web comics that did indeed keep me up all weekend, especially the False Positive by Mike Walton.

I really like John Bivens' work from the Split Lip Comic, The Voice of Celia Darling.
Colwyn Thomas
An interview with Rachel E. Morris that gave me a little more insight into how long she's been at her art.
Charles Santoso
Courtney Godbey Wise
Corey Godbey
Dave Stokes
Chris Turnham

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