Sunday, October 21, 2012

Golden Sunset Palzone

I started off the week desperately trying to finish two birthday present drawings for two awesome online art pals, which you might have noticed last post.  This week Monday marked the 107th year since Little Nemo debuted,  the 2nd presidential debate aired, and I watched it in bed before I passed out in exhaustion.  Many jokes were had.

My favorite recent Henry the Worst artworks:
Sean Connery 4 vs. Alex Trebek
Adventures of Homemade Batman and Robin
Andrea Gerstmann
Nick Iluzada
Lip Blue
I'm excited to see what comes out of this Megaman Boss Battles show!

I finished Fun Home at the end of the week and chanced upon Cross Game Volume 2.  Earlier in the week I returned A Happy Death and picked up Batman: The Cult, Daredevil Vs. Bulls Eye, Vlad the Impaler by Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colón, and BPRD: 1946.  I spent much of Saturday watching Teen Titans and Lupin, and finally sorted my comics in Comic Rack.  It was 24 hour comic day also!

There were a lot of really beautiful, golden-sunsetted afternoons this week and I think they put me in an appreciative and dreamy mood.  I read a bunch of Vattu and Scarygoround: Crisis Quest pt. 1.  Jessi introduced me to Sim-Bionic Titan.  I introduced Penny to spaghetti sandwhich, and coined the term Palzone.  I caught an episode of this show called The Rebel with a character named Johnny Yuma.  It was kitsch and cool at the same time.  I'm hoping to get around to reading Arrowsmith soon, and picking back up with Oyasumi Pun Pun, Guin Saga, Rachel Rising and a lot of queued web comics.

The Medallions by Matt Cummings (@eiffelart) 
New Eleanor Davis comic In Our Eden
Comic Book Cover archive @ Mike's Amazing World of Comics

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