Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mask of My Own Face

This was the week of Columbus Day, the VP debate where Biden showed his teeth, the apparent suicide of bullied teen Amanda Todd, and the highest skydive on record.  I began reading Oyasumi Pun Pun on the recommendations of Jessi Zabarsky and Dale O'Flaherty, Ray Frenden and Ming Doyle had birthdays, and I got Daisy Kutter in the mail!  I started reading Rachel Rising, and remembered that Terry Moore is one of my favorite comics people.

Check out this 100 figures Bob Jinx recants to us. I learned about José Antonio Muñoz while looking up Keith Giffen's Trencher.  Bonus points to me for introducing Brandom Graham to aforementioned comic.

Great news about Bravest Warriors, also really great covers by some awesome internet art buddies.

Such as Henry the Worst who did this awesome Silver Surfer Galactus.

Radiomaru lends his charm to the new Young Avengers series.

Oh, I also forgot to mention people were at the New York City Comic Con all weekend.  Apparently it was a fun filled, overcrowded, exhausting whirlwind of a convention and good and stressful times were had.  But I wasn't there, so who really cares.  Just kidding ^u^

I like this new Lemon Demon/ Neil Cicierega song.

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