Sunday, October 7, 2012

So Overdue I Owe Them

ADELE - Skyfall [VO|HD1080p] by Lyricis
This weekend the NY Comic Con tix went on sale.  One day I'll be there and have lots of fun meeting people I admire, and maybe some people I don't yet know I admire.  I'm here at home full of stress and nerves about what to do with my broken down car, and what to do about possibly losing my day job.  I'm basically just praying for a miracle now, like winning the lottery or something. Today is Thanksgiving in Canada.

Mal interviewed Andrew Hussie for Comics Alliance.  The  100th episode of Adventure Time aired and in honor Skronked held a contest.

I don't really follow any comic news blogs.  I've got to fix that:

Forbidden Planet
The Comics Journal
Comics Alliance
Robot 6 @ CBR
The Comics Reporter
Center for Cartoon Studies

This was the week of the 1st of 3 presidential nominee debates, the lady who scares bears, and what would have been my mother's 73rd birthday.  Happy Birthday, Mom.  I love you.

Jake (timecowboy) did this Arcade comic that reminded me of  Bishop of Battle from the movie Nightmares.  And then later he and Penny and and Aaron Porter, and Kristine Thune and I created the Time Travel Pizza Crew!  I solicited help from Robin Fisher on whether or not I should invest myself in Lady Snowblood.  I had a sandwich called a Sacramento that was maybe $2 too expensive, but quite good.  Penny clued me into Sakana which is on sale here.  Jess Fink got me and Benito Cereno all nostalgic for the Spooky Tricks book of our youth.  Everybody started getting Halloween tumblr names, and making their avatars all spookified.
I made a lot of rhymes on twitter.  Some unintentionally. I started following Kyle Stecker.  I bugged people about wanting pierogies.  I got some kinda expensive chinese buffet take out, and then I left the rest of it at work.  I bought the Tig Notaro standup audio.  This kickstarter for Masaaki Yuasa's Kick-Heart is making the rounds.

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