Sunday, September 30, 2012

late post Sept 30

*What a truly lazy Sunday.  I've been indoors most of today.  I only stepped out to change the treads on my bike.  Got some comics: Spidermen and a bunch of R. Crumb comix.  Still planning to watch Cabin in the Woods or Uzumaki or The Orphanage.  Also picked up the 2 episodes of Gravity Falls I missed.

This morning I caught up with Oglaf and listened to a Two Guys with Pencils podcast featuring Nick Cross and Marlo Meekins.  I learned about Looper and Pitch Perfect and watched the end of a football game.  And then for several hours I got sidetracked until I finally decided to work on my bike.

Saturday wasn't much better.  I got up at 10am and then looked in on the work of Britt Hammerberg who I was directed to from Brittney Sabo nearly a year ago.  I also looked at the work of Andy Helms whose recent megaman portraits blew me away.  I read about Grant Morrison's Mulitversity, caught up with Finch Linden's tumblr, and wished a bunch of people happy birthdays.  Later I watched a bunch of episodes of Community and then wondered about what I was doing as these episodes were originally airing.

This was the weekend of Blanche Nuit, the premieres of Looper, the new season of Bob's Burgers, and Superjail.  This was the week of Fox News airing the Phoenix car thief live suicide, the Nazi Buddhist statue from space, and story of the beauty pageant contestant who survived two brain surgeries.

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