Sunday, September 23, 2012

Thanks to Dylan Meconis for the heads up on Sara Ryan's insights on writing for comics.  I recently learned about Gumball.  I streamed the entire Super Brother's Sword and Sworcery album and loved it!

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Five Star Stories artbook gallery.
Five Star stories on Anime Paper.
Sarah Horrocks second article at Comic Alliance.

I watched a bunch of Channel Frederator at the beginning of the week.  Was clued into to this great talk by Ivan Brunetti by Jason Bradshaw. I dreamt up a bunch of ideas on twitter such as an Evangelion/Akira like manga where child CEO's pilot corporate mechs and may or may not protect the earth from cataclysmic disasters.  I stalked Mighty Otaking's deviantArt after watching his awesome StarWars anime short which he is trying to keep under wraps.  Bonus points for finding Tyson Hesse in one of his comment thread.  Watched a stream with Amber and learned about Glen Vilppu on Wednesday.

This was the week of the secret Romney 47% video, the controversy with Amanda Palmer's volunteer musicians, and the SPX crowd falling out with the flu.  It was the week I finally watched a complete episode of Game of Thrones, and reacquainted myself with Hey Ash Whatcha Playing as people tried out Borderlands 2 out for the first time.  I gained a bunch of awesome followers, called Marvel and DC the dead Monoliths and read a bunch of Prophet, and later found out I missed some issues of the reboot of Glory.  I went to the river with my friends and waded around and had barbecue and got some spiffy treads for my bike.

People watched the Emmy Awards and the NFL this weekend.  I read Guin Saga and Roza and learned about phenom Carly Rose Sonenclar.  I think for me it was a short week and a longer weekend because I slept more and stayed away from twitter and tumblr.  I felt pretty distant from online people this week and looping into depression, so maybe it was the right choice to make.

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