Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunset Hues

I had some computer trouble at the beginning of the week, which I've apparently overcome by just shutting the case to my desktop and letting it run at whatever temp it wants to run.  Weird.  On the plus side I'm no longer sitting in a frigid room nor awkwardly leaving and returning at intervals.  I lost my tabs when firefox updated, which was a tragedy and a blessing.  This was one of those weeks where I got a Wednesday off from work which is always refreshing.  I made a trip to move my car out of my friend's parking stall, and got a ray of hope from the DMV.  And then this weekend I just messed around online a bit, read Guin Saga, watched the first episode of Game of Thrones, and hobnobbed with pals while SPX tweets rolled in around us.  It was Eric Feurstein's birthday on the 13th.  Go read Rutabaga!  I also caught up with Rachael and Penny by Mokou.

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This was the week of the attack on the Libyan American Embassy, the continuing Chicago teacher's strike, Regular Show winning an Emmy, J.G. Quintel's birthday, and Are You Okay Day.

Early in the week I caught streams with both Penny and Amber.  I worked Monday and began receiving a lot of inspiration for Eurydice: The Crowned.  I tweeted about drawing inspiration from horror shows from my childhood:  Friday the 13th the Series, Werewolf, The Hitchhiker, and also Doctor Who.

On Tuesday I had a work banquet, stuffed myself then came home with a bunch of swag and crashed hard.

Sam Wolfe Connelly
Neil Gaiman on the work of Edgar Allen Poe
Neil Gaiman on writing
Tanaka Tatsuyuki
Fabio Barboni

These are two characters I saw in the world, and I'm thinking of appropriating them for Eurydice. I was considering creating a group of men in a subculture/secret society that worships the old Moon Goddess who serve as a kind of Baker Street Boys to Eurydice. That eventually led to a plotline involving a lycanthrope biker gang who see the other guys as poseurs. I'm really glad that Eurydice's world is just growing out of scattered ideas. I hope to carry this one pretty far.

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