Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloweekend Hangover

 Spent Friday and most of Saturday at my friends' house drinking and playing with their Siamese kitten. I finally learned how to bet in poker.  Haha.  I think I lost Sunday just cooking and cleaning.  Oh, I remember that I listened to the first episode of the The Cartoon Book Club.  It is indeed Monday and this post is way late.

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I've been afraid to do money related things like checking my bank balance, because I've got a nightmare of a decision to make about something important.  I'm pretty sure the majority of last week was spent avoiding doing basic life maintenance tasks.

On Thursday I don't think anything spectacular happened, but I did watch I Heart Huckabees.

Wednesday was Halloween and as I recall I came home tired and fell asleep to my Halloween movie playlist.  I finally watched Deathproof, and last night I also watched Cabin in the Woods.  Later, I fell asleep after trying to read The First Man.

On Tuesday I finally watched the Misfits Season 4 opener and decided that I might give the show a little while to build some steam, but I'm relatively sure it's on it's last legs.  I started reading Gunjou after reading tweets by Magnolia Porter.  I recall that I was very psyched about finding my notes about Kadunka K from when I was 15!  Also I started compiling a folder of art that inspires me to draw/paint.

Monday went like this:  My back is aching and I feel like I'm paralyzed by anxiety.  I made a checklist to get myself to do things but I didn't even complete the most important things.  I've been reading tweets about the Hurricane Sandy and all the damage it's doing.  I feel very helpless.

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