Sunday, November 11, 2012

Make Mine Strong

*waaay way late post:  Just started following Wook Jin Clark, who was the artist on the excellent The Return of King Doug.  I'm going to have to take Eleanor Davis' advice on this series and make myself strong.  I recently read The Witch's Scissors at Midnight Tea Party.  I look at the amassed body of work by Taylor-Ruth at Hanging Rock Comics, and immediately think of Termite Art. 

It was Brian Fukushima's Birthday on Tuesday, and Meredith Gran & Neil Gaiman's on Saturday.  This was the week of the US Presidential Election, the continuing cleanup after hurricane Sandy, the debut of 007: Skyfall, and the day the UN declared November 10 Malala Day.  It was the week I made cookie dough, had a ninja conversation with Bridge inspire a comic idea.  It was the week I read and watched most of Uzumaki, started a sketch of Bond and Miss Moneypenny in preparation for a couple of doodles I planned for Penny's draw me meme.

On Thursday I had a wild flash of inspiration to do a Thundercats spin-off idea.

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