Sunday, December 16, 2012

Glass Flowers for the Dead

El Guincho - Bombay
from CANADA on Vimeo. (↑ contains brief nudity)

It's December 16, 2012.  This was the week of the Clackamas Town Center Mall shooting and the Sandy Hook Elementary tragedy.  This weekend the Hobbit premiered in theaters.

I started the week off hearing about Stuart Immonen's work on The All New X-Men, and by the end of the week I was reading it.  I read Dustin Harbin's Boxes and pondered a little about the months I frequented his journal comic.   I finished my Char Aznable drawing and learned from Brittney Sabo about the Mysterious Universe podcast.  That Monday was the birthday of Ada Lovelace.

This week I did a lot of catching up with Adventure Time, Baman Piderman, and Spera.  In fact, just this Friday a new part of Glass Flowers came out drawn by my new art crush Rachel Morris!  I read 3 chapters of Attack on Titan, and 3 of the original Skullman, and later got about 2 chapters into the newer Skullman manga drawn by Ishimoto.  On Wednesday I finally started reading I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outerspace and I loved it!  I learned about Urasawa from Rachel.  The Pacific Rim trailer was released.

This week Lacey Green re-educated everybody about slut shaming.  I learned about The Three Old Gods, and I spent some time perusing  the Wikipedia 2013 Year in film.  I think I'm excited for Edgar Wright's new movie End of the World. 

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