Sunday, December 9, 2012

Warming Up

CapcomUnityVideos Published on Dec 8, 2012

I bought some sweats and some flannel pj bottoms last weekend.  They've made all the difference.  I also bought some comics  the first volumes of  Ishinomori's Kikaider, Inazuman, Kamen Rider, &  Skullman on comixology and Vol. 1 &  2 of Dark Angel + an artbook by Kia Asamiya.  Oh, and I bought a pizza.  That summarizes everything I've purchased this weekend.

It's feeling like another lame, short, unproductive weekend.  I have today off, of course, but this week I do a 4 day-spread, get two off, then go in for a 5-day hustle so we can make Christmas Eve a short day at work.  I'm sure it will be just fine, it's just time.  Time doesn't ever seem to slow enough for me to secure my footing, and climb up somewhere safe on this mountain I've been scaling all my life.  The weeks are like tremors and I clutch the side of this cliff, fearing that no matter how tight I hold on the entire face of the cliff could shear and I'd go plummeting to my horrible death.  But hopefully, there's a miracle at the summit of this mountain.

rpoland Published on Dec 4, 2012

I had an idea for a drawing so I started doing a little sketch as a warm-up, but it's become something of a chore to finish.  And then I read all this Ishinomori stuff and a few other off-beat illustration ideas I had months ago all started to convene.

I also started my secret production tumblr blog &  uploaded some old sketches mostly of Kadunka K.  I'm hoping to use it pretty often this coming year to get a lot of these projects off the ground.

I just listened to this Mysterious Universe podcast about Madame Blavatsky and now I've got some fresh ideas for Eurydice.

It's December 10, 2012.  This past week was when Manny Pacquiao was knocked out by Marquez in their 4th bout, The Giants' David Wilson showing his mettle, the Oatmeal's controversial rape joke, and the announcement of Bill Murray signing on for Ghostbusters 3.  I was excited by Rachel Morris' Space B-boys illos on tumblr.  I got to hang out in one of Penny's streams and chat w/ Julie Curtis whose art is totally swoon worthy.  Also I finally dipped into Amb0rg's Punked Zine and read it all in one sitting.

Speaking of comics I started reading Marvel 1985, Justice League International, and recently discovered Starstruck.  I finally read Stephen King's The Little Green God of Agony, or at least what's available of it thus far.  I got into Bravest Warriors early in the week and liked it.  I also watched Animation Pals eps 1 & 2.  Superfuckers has been floating around in the ether and I finally saw an episode of it.  Turns out James Kochalka is behind that.  Today I learned that Henry Worst is doing a new show by Titmouse about a comedy troupe called The Weekend Pilots.  I read and discovered Matt Heagerty's Just Another SheepJen Lee of Thunderpaw released a few pages of her Spera comic.  The final hours of Johnny Wander tpb kickstarter wound down, and I found myself yearning for new books.  I want those books and all the B9 books, and I stalked ebay looking for inexpensive copies, but didn't find much.  Good to know, however, that topatoco also stocks some of the B9 books.

SmallButera Published on Dec 3, 2012

In sad news it was recently revealed that Mondo Media cut funding for Baman Piderman.  Similarly Gail Simone was given a pink slip for writing chores on Batgirl, this following on the heels of DC losing the legendary Karen Berger.  Well I hope the branches of the world catch these falling stars and hoist them right back up where they belong.

Mech designs by Makoto Kobayashi
Anime inspiration from the reblogs of Bubblegum Crash
Hilary Allison
Yuta Onoda
Nikolas Ilic
Stu Livingston
Roxie Vizcarra
Niki Foley
Tonci Zonjic

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