Sunday, June 9, 2013

6/3-6/9  It was the week of the PRISM cyber-tapping scandal, the trials of Bradley Manning, Oscar Pistorius, and Ariel Castro, the Obama ricin letter suspect mix-up, and the Turkish pro-democracy demonstrations.  Over the weekend Animal Crossing: A New Leaf dropped

Monday (6/3) I did my laundry.  I found Turtles.  I marathoned AVX and finished up Global Frequency.  Started reading Valkyrie on Shiftylook.  Started reading Alcott Grimsley.  Android finally released a vine app.  It doesn't work on my phone.   I got around to watching the Venture Bros season 5 premiere.  Lexxy's lunchbox negotiations comic.  Everybody was still up in arms about GoT red wedding episode. 

Tuesday (6/4)  Came home deprived of sleep and fell into short coma.

Wednesday (6/5)  I worked a longer than usual day and got back late.  It was a hot day.  Watched part of Rachel's stream and listened to Eric's California playlist.  Later that night I finally watched the 9th Elimination ep of Strip Search which I had partially seen streamed by Lexxy on Tuesday morning.

Thursday (6/6)  I wasn't feeling very spirited the rest of the week.  I found out that Drawn! was stopped back in May.  I must have fallen asleep early again.

Friday (6/7)  Got home to find out it was International Donut Day.  Nobody was picking me up on their radar still and I felt stranded in the desert.  Madeliene was gettting trolled.  Mike K. stirred twitter controversy w/ trans-discrimination.  I zoomed through the end of the Jimmy Palmiotti era of Valkyrie.  Matabi on deviantart

Saturday (6/8)  I helped Ian move furniture into his new apartment.  We all hung out and had some beers and pizza and respite from the heat.  It was about 107°.  When I got home I showed some tumblr love all around.  I reconnected with Doog Toons, especially video game life.  I bought all three of Anthony Clark's sketchbooks.

Sunday (6/9)  I decided to draw some googs.  I tried to draw a lot more stuff, but then I got very sleepy and fell down.  I woke up in the evening, but it was still sunny so it didn't feel as bad. 

Saturday (6/8)  Helped Ian move.  Beer & Pizza and it was hot.

Sunday (6/9) 

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