Sunday, June 2, 2013


May 27 - June, 2013;  May is over and following close behind Spring gives way to Summer.

It was my first week back at work.  I had a lot of things backed up:  uploading memorial day weekend pictures, reading a bunch of comics online and in print, doing laundry, cleaning my room etc.getting my haircut.

On Monday (5/27) I was recovering from the weekend in L.A.  It was Jordyn Bochon's birthday.  I crept along reading Soldiers of Victory v1 and started reading Sam Alden's Eighth Grade.  Tuesday (5/28) was kind of a bust for me since I hadn't had much sleep.  Work fed us and I came home fairly early and slept till Wednesday morning (5/29).  I had "Fine China" playing on loop in the back of my mind so I watched the video and cackled at the ridiculousness.   I watched the Escapist ep w/ Team AmErika.  I also bought Rachel an AIO printer after I read she broke hers.  Victoria got us all riled up about cookie pizzas.  Rachel opened up orders for her Ink Sport Zine.  Tumblr changed the orientation of posts.  Amber had a late night draw stream. 

On Thursday (5/30) I came home from work and had a spectacular nap, and then piddled away on the internet.  I got caught up in Shoomlah's Asheron's Call heckler chronicles. Everybody was wishing Gigi and Geneva happy birthday early on Friday (5/31).  I read Sam Alden's Eighth Grade almost in one sitting.  On Saturday (6/1) I was up early and watched the new Sanjay & Craig and loved it.  There was also an ep of Fairly Odd Parents that had a quasi-racist and then homoerotic joke in it.  I did some organizing in my room and unearthed my Video Girl Ai vhs tapes & some dvd's.  People were chattering about Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who and who would be the next Doctor.  I found out about Unlocking the Truth the most brutal sixth grade band.  Later on I cut my hair, and then we had a pool party.  I finished Drama, Global Frequency, and read a little AVX.  I also caught up with the 2 episodes of Strip Search I hadn't yet seen.  I was pretty lazy on Sunday (6/2).  Julie finished her poster for Station Zero!  I created King of Siam My Bad Comics tumblr.  Victoria was warming up on some Amelie drawings.  Megan Brennan did another first angel comic.  I learned about the Koh I Noor thanks to Jill Thompson.  I created a pretty good playlist with Bastille, Justin Timberlake & Samurai Champloo.  The Red Wedding happened on Game of Thrones and the whole internet went insane.  I started reading Diana Thung's August Moon.  This was the week of the 2nd tornado in Oklahoma, Justin Bieber's trouble with Keyshawn Johnson, and much agonizing over my broken backbeat 906's.  A lot of people were doing drawings based on Pokemon Fusion.  

Molly Stanard's The Boy with the Heart Condition | Escape from Burgertown by Zac Gorman | Ladybird's Requiem by Akino Kondoh

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