Sunday, May 26, 2013

Time Memorial

Friday (5/24)

It's Friday morning and I just finished watching the latest episode of Strip Search, feeling like the week has rounded out.  So sad to feel my vacation coming to an end, even though I am anticipating a great memorial day weekend in L.A. with the roommates and extended family.

This week I spent a lot of time cooking, planned out about 4 meals: bbq/lemon pepper chicken & rice, black bean chili, and chili lemon tostadas.  It was all met with lavish praise, which does wonders for the ego.  Cartoon Network's pilot shorts snagged a big spotlight this week, my faves being Steven Universe and Clarence.  I got to hang out in a Draw Friends stream, which was also fun.  I also figured out that monster-hunter anime that was bugging me:  Kemonozume.  With the exception of a late night hot tub fix, and a bike ride to the park & the bookstore I barely spent any time outside of the house which was disappointing considering the lack of productivity.  Instead I spent a good amount of time roaming the house with my phone in hand tweeting.

Some events this week were the Oklahoma tornado disaster, the announcement of the Xbox One, Yahoo bid on tumblr, the Connecticut train derailment, and the Washington bridge collapse.  I was focused at the beginning of the week on drawing a Rachael and Penny fan comic, but my inspiration slipped away.  Things that got added to my queue were Nowhere Men and the 42 comics recommended by Buzz Feed, but also Jessica Abel & Matt Madden's Mastering Comics, Seven Soldiers of Victory v1, B.M. Bendis' Moon Knight v1, the first three volumes of Orbital, and Raina Tegelmeier's Drama.  I also was inspired to draw some Steven Universe fanart.  Things to get to are Gundam 0083, Utena, Attack on Titan (both anime & manga), and basically everything in my To REad folder.

I spent Monday (5/20) with the roommates doing laundry.  Everybody was tweeting about the yahoo/tumblr thing, and Rachel mentioned her fanart giveaway.  Tuesday (5/21)  I got up early and made some coffee for my roommate.  I had fallen asleep early Monday night so yeah.  I watched the Bracko episode of Adventure Time and caught up with all the episodes of Bravest Warriors.  Also I finally finished Rebecca's Jack and the Beanstalk retelling comic.  Everybody was crazy for the cartoon network pilot shorts.  It was Sloane's birthday on Wednesday (5/22).  I discovered Zac Gorman's Burgertown.  Corey Godbey had a chapter out in the new Spera v3.    I spent like 3 hours hanging out in Draw Friends.  Terence, Brian, David, Caldwell, and Nathan were hilarious.  Nathan was also a little gross.  I read Ian's Bog Bones that day.  I also read the Buzz Feed piece on the 42 web comics.  Late at night Amber streamed and she drew me as Superstar Mitsuru.  Penny drew a great Poison Ivy for Team 90 Zine! On Thursday (5/23) I took a nice bike ride to the park and then to the bookstore. A bridge in Washington collapsed interrupting some of the flow of traffic toward VanCAF.  I planned to go swimming when I got home, but I got sidetracked, and ended up staying up pretty late.   Early into the morning of Friday (5/24)  I started collecting Steven Universe fanart on my tumblr in hopes of doing some of my own.  Brittney sure appreciated it.  I read Moonknight v1 and it was pretty funny.  I got up early on Friday and made my roommate a bowl of nachos from my leftover taco stuff the night before, and some coffee.  Then I fell back asleep and lost a lot of Friday.  We left for L.A. that night and I saw a cute girl at a starbucks near the grapevine.  She stuck out in my head so I drew a doodle of her when I got home.  Saturday (5/25) was the day of the barbecue and we all helped set up.  I ended up hanging out with some cool people who were friends of friends.  On Sunday (5/26) we hung out at Santa Monica Beach, and then had a 3 hour fiasco trying to get something to eat, but as a bonus I had my first taste of Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles. 

albinwonderland Published on May 24, 2013

It was a great fun weekend overall.  So worth it.

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