Sunday, May 19, 2013

Lost in the Woods

It was the week following Mother's Day.  It was my first week back after a week of vacation.  It was the week of Dick Trickle's suicide, the passage of equal marriage rights in Minnesota and Brazil, and Angelina Jolie's admission of a double mastectomy.

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I was excited on Monday (5/13) for the Light Grey Art Lab Show.  Julie & Britt are both showing.  Then Spike tweeted about Attack on Titan and I watched the first episode.  I resuscitated a mysterious drawing in SAI. I caught up with some outstanding art posts by my friend Finchiekinstheowl.  I glanced at some classic and exceptional dinosaur art.  I think the HIMYM season finale aired this week.  I still hadn't caught up with Adventure Time nor Strip Search.  I did read some What I Did and Seven Soldiers of Victory v2.

Early morning on Tuesday (5/14) I looked back through Roy's Boys and Ice Cream Surfer and decided that Ice Cream Surfer wasn't so bad.  I looked through the Infinite Corpse site thanks to Brandon Graham's link from last week.  After work I came home and pretty much passed out from exhaustion.  It was a hot couple of days.

I learned about Kuli Kuli and Molinga on Wednesday (5/15).  I dreamed up a Box (of Alpha Flight) twitter that I could harass Brandon with.  Leslie Hung's sketchbook had sold well at TCAF and the orders continued to come in through the week.

Early on Thursday (5/16)  I happened to visit The Dollar Bin, and look into Battle Zoo.  I read about the AP Justice Dept. scandal and the passing of Richard Swanson, soccer enthusiast.  I got home from work and started watching Utena.  Rebecca drew a cover for Regular Show! Steven Russel Black lit a fire in my mind for Eurydice the Crowned.  I caught up with Ken Niimura's Henshin. I flirted with my Original Wolverine Tumblr idea.  I read the rest of Rachael and Penny up to the current strip.  I found out about Pink Project via Saichen Teng.  Latenight into Friday morning I marathoned Strip Search and went crazy that Lexxy came back!

Lauren, Rachel, and Penny were good twitter pals this week.  Dale & Jessi were cuties.  I drank a lot of bacardi, and slept early on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Friday I took some time to right out some good #ff tweets for people very dear to me.

Saturday I got caught up in the hurly burly of Eurovision.  Lauren tweeted about Mastering Comics by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden

Sunday I tried to force myself to draw a Rachael & Penny fan comic, but it was slow coming.

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