Sunday, May 12, 2013

May Vacay Mama's Day

Fresh off my Iron Man 3 weekend, it was a great week to be on vacation.  I read this article about why Iron Man 3 was the best of the series.  I watched and laughed at that Lil Dicky Ex-boyfriend video.  Starting looking through Alan & Julie's Lore compendium for LitV.  Julie shared her 80s playlist and we chatted about her superhero goth rpg character.  I pulled up some Galaxy Rangers stuff to share with her, and combined with some Cowboy Bebop music Rachel shared earlier I suddenly felt like drawing a Spike & Goose fan art.

This was the week of the first 3D gun being fired, the appeal for the stay of execution for Willie Manning, and Charles Ramsey's rescue of three girls who had gone missing for a decade.  There was also that weird elite cosplayers meme going around.

I thought up Wormhole-fi, and Adobe announced the change to subscription only service.  Early in the week I was very good about cooking dinner for our house.  Ray Harryhausen passed away.  On Tuesday I drew some art for Amber.  Natalie's Mom turned out to be the missing Mrs. Breen Melissa McCarthy shouted out on CBS's Mike & Molly.  I read a bunch of Jailbird and got caught up with the last year and a half!  It was Moebius' birthday!

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 On Wednesday I decided to take a tour of my tweet archive and try to compile some things for old projects.  I broke some bread for Rachel's sake and bought a print while simultaneously registering a Storenvy site.  I read about Jupiter's Legacy and decided for the umpteenth time that I don't care about Mark Millar's thoughts.  I learned about the 72 Demons zine that never was from Jordyn & Britt.  I discovered Everyday Comics.  I started watching ebay for a good deal on a phone.  I dropped in on Penny's stream and Aaron was there.  We all got a little riled up about the Photoshop thing and I ended up starting a TMNT drawing.  Spike talked a little about the horror anthology she compiled and her inspirations.  That night I watched Entering Through the Mind and the Colin Baker Attack of the Cybermen two parter.

 On Thursday I found out Deni Hlavinka got spotlighted on Radio Boston and listened to some of her newer music, while learning about her lyric writing instructor, Michelle Ferrick.  It was a crappy day for relying on roommates.  I spent a good part of the day watching phones.  And then I started reading Boku wa Mari no Naka. I caught up with Calamity Jon's Superman Villian portraits.

Early in the morning on Friday I started catching up with Sakana.  I learned about The Mythical Show.  I watched the Grant Morrison thing with Kevin Smith about his Batman series.  Julie had a stream and it was the best.  In fact, I couldn't stop drawing because of it.

I finally just bought a phone on Saturday.  I drew a bunch of things.  And then I took myself out to IHOP.  On Sunday we had a Mother's Day Barbecue.  It was very hot.

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It was Mother's Day and TCAF weekend and the last few days of my first week of vacation.  Next week I go back to work, and then it's on again.  Awww  Yeah!

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